The Path to Now – part too

So the fact that I have been slow to splash my life across a blog surprises me. I suppose it is a symptom of a cluttered life. I think – i dream – I emote in written words. This blog gerinated from a restlessness in my own heart as the world turned into 2011. I gave birth to the name, midwifed by my dear soul sister Katia, over lunch one day in early February. Raced to sign up and within 72 hours, before i’d even figured out how to post an entry – my world erupted with the morning call that my eldest had flunked out of residential treatment. A few mornings later, across the continent, my mother died peacefully and unexpectedly in her sleep. Unruffled Covers pulled up to her chin. Dog and cat at her side. I woodenly wrote the newspaper announcement, then the eulogy. And – aside from snide emails to my colleagues and pontifications and excoriations on teenagers to my Summit Group – have not written a word since.


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